About Oood

The Objects of our Desires is a collaborative project between Laura T Leif and Amber S Phelps Bondaroff,  conducted over a ten day period between February 7th and 17th two thousand and ten, in and around the space under a bed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Over the course of this ten day project we wrote, recorded and performed eight original "serenades" for household items that needed cheering up after many long and arduous days of Montreal winter gloom.  The participating objects (as well as some plants and animals,) were submitted by their human owners prior to the commencement of the project.

Through the inquiry as to why a particular item was selected by it's owner,  and the exploration of it's physical properties, we observed many parallels between the inanimate/domestic and the human.   What do the things around us tell us about inner states, weaknesses, loves and anxieties?  Histories,  inter-woven, animate with inanimate, revealing pains left to incubate over a long winter.  The intimate nature of the performances established a comfortable setting for musical collaboration, with emphasis on healing of the subjects' wounds.

In addition to the musical component of this project, the process of co-habiting a small and intimate space was well considered and documented.  Routines were established and analysed, work methods combined and explored, likes and dislikes compared, cut and seasoned.

The eight songs will be released on a limited number of cassette tapes some time very soon, along with accompanying lyrics and drawings.
If you are interested in listening to the results, get in touch with Amber or Laura.

This project was one of various components to the NoDS project (Network of Domestic Spaces).  Founded in two thousand and nine Nods is  a growing reticulum of creative domestic spaces, striving to recognizing the ripe potential of intimate home space for collaborative initiatives and experimentation, connecting similarly minded people from diverse backgrounds and geographies on intensive site-specific, domestic, collaborative processes.