Monday, February 15, 2010


For our special Valentine's day edition, we invited friends with lonely lamps to join us at Bronwen's house for a wholesome lamp cheering. Friends (and even some family) joined us in the living room, toting their sad, cracked, and droopy lamps. A few friends who could not themselves attend sent their lamps along in our care.

We plugged the lamps in and turned them on. We then sat around making valentines, getting covered in glitter glue and snipping our scissors. There was also, in the kitchen, a pile of lamp shaped gingerbread cookies, bowls of pink and brown icing, and lots of little candies. Soon we were covered in icing and glitter glue. Sugar comas were soon to follow.

As the day wound down, everyone gathered around the lamps, and we sung them the heartwarming story of an oil lamp who falls in love with an electric lamp. Hearts and bulbs were warmed equally.

Between the cookie decorating, the valentine making, and the sweet serenading, we hope we brightened some lamps' days.

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  1. this is so lovely! i love every part of this project and this outing and event and experience.
    i also love canada. yea for canada making projects like this happen!
    can't wait to hear about what object gets some lovin next!