Thursday, February 11, 2010

A cat with a cough...

Today we visited Kiki to sing to her sick cat! The Cat, Meow-wow, has developed a bad cough since moving to this humid city. She is 12 years old and one tough kitty.

We were happy to sing to this wee feline even though she is not an object. She represents an important front of the domestic scene: the non human pals who have developed symbiotically with us in the best of ways. Cats, I have heard, domesticated themselves. They, for some, complete domestic spaces.

Before visiting Kiki, we built the cat, Meow-Wow (who named herself!) a stylish cat purse. Also included was a catnip saturated tuft of raw wool.

When we got there, we met the cat, drank some smokey tea, and built ourselves robo-cat costumes in honour of the occasion. Meow-wow hung out. We also patched the butt of a stuffed ram, adding a tail for flourish.

We presented Meow-wow with the bag and she listened blissfully while we serenaded her. We had written a song in the blues tradition of listing things that could go wrong, with a chorus of "its not your fault", but realized as we were playing it that most of Meow-wow's ailments just make her a tougher cat. Her tears of blood, her love for heavy metal music... she's a great little cat. It's not her fault at all, it's her charm and character. Her cough, though, that's not her fault.

She really did seem to bask in all the attention, and stuck around the whole time. Kiki thinks it was the ceremony that Meow-wow has deserved for 12 years and never yet got.

later we went home and made a big dinner, and watched a slide show with pals!!

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