Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thursday Toof day

We make a visit to the recently de-toothed J. Gillingham.
J. has proposed that we serenade his entire home, in preparation for upcoming renovations. We discuss the physical pain J. is experiencing from his dental extraction in relation to the turmoil that his physical surroundings seem to be experiencing. We decide to take the apartment through a process of catharsis, purging the space of negative emotions through the auditory re-enactment of painful experiences.

Amulets seem to be working well so far, so we construct another pouch for the removed molar to reside in, filling it with calming blue lotus leaves, and a coin, (from the tooth fairy.)

A pair of tooth hats, complete with ripped red roots and a tiny set of cardboard furniture accompany us back to the mile end.

We made noises, some horrible, some less so, ukulele's were distorted, a saw was bowed continuously, the concertina got pulled by two teeth, chewing.
At the end the furniture was smashed, the apartment acting as audience, to the dramatic cathartic enactment.

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